Stadium Tour


The Stadium Tour is a must for visitors to the Museum

On the stadium tour you will experience Hampden Park as the players do on a match day – visit the underground roadway, team changing rooms, and get the chance to strike a ball in the Hampden Hotshots gallery and have the speed of your shot electronically measured! Walk down the tunnel, hear the famous “Hampden Roar” and then follow the footsteps of legends by climbing the stairs to the cup presentation area.

Tour times

11:00am 12:30pm 2:00pm 3:00pm

Hampden Hotshots

hotshotsDo you have what it takes to step up to the spot and hit the target?

Well here’s your chance to score a goal at Hampden and become a Hampden Hotshot. The speed of your shot will be electronically measured, with the Top 100 being registered on our website. Everyone taking part will receive an official Hampden Hotshot Certificate. Hampden Hotshots is only available as part of the stadium tour.

Click on The Hotshots Top 100 on this page and see if your name is on the list!! Tweet us  @Hampden_Museum and let us know how you get on!

Hampden Hotshots Top 100

Male Under 8's
Male Under 10's
Male Under 12's
Male Under 14's
Male Under 16's
Male Under 18's
Male Adults
Female Under 8's
Female Under 10's
Female Under 12's
Female Under 14's
Female Under 16's
Female Under 18's
Female Adults
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26 April 2018
SFA Youth Cup final. No 3 o’clock stadium tour, bu
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28 April 2018
Only 10am and 11am tours running due to Queen's Pa
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10 May 2018
No 3pm Tour but Museum open until 5pm.
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