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Women's Wednesday Football Focus Series

Tessel Middag's Boots Find a New Home in the Scottish Football Museum.

As a part of our Women's Wednesday Football Focus Series, we will be showcasing the remarkable accomplishments of female footballers. The Scottish Football Museum takes great pride in possessing items associated with their successful careers, and our goal is to present these players' extraordinary achievements.  

Tessel Middag, a Dutch professional footballer, has become a prominent figure in Scottish women's football in recent years. Known for her exceptional skills and leadership qualities, Middag has become a role model for aspiring young players.  

The acquisition of Middag's football boots by the Scottish Football Museum is a significant step forward in recognising and celebrating the contributions of Scottish women's football. It reflects the progress made in the sport and the determination and talent displayed by women players in Scotland.  


Image of Tessel Middag's Football Boots, On Display at the Scottish Football Museum.

As the sport continues to grow, it is important to acknowledge the rich heritage of women's football and provide a platform for its future stars. Middag's boots, now housed in the museum, stand as a symbol of Scottish women's football, and inspire all who visit to embrace their potential and the possibilities that lie ahead.  

 Image of Tessel Middag with her football boots at Hampden Stadium.


By Megan Stamper

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