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Scottish Influence in Mexican Football

The nation of Mexico is very contrasting to Scotland in many ways but there is one thing the Scots and Mexicans have in common: a passion for football. This passion from both countries is visible for all to see.

Interestingly, Mexican football archives would reveal the story of how Scottish immigrants would help shape the game in in their country in the late 19th century.
Scottish Steel Industry arrived in the Veracruz region of Mexico when the Santa Gertrudis factory opened at Orizaba. A small Scottish colony was well established by 1894 when the Santa Gertrudis Golf Club opened its doors.

One important factory was the Santa Gertrudis Fabrica de Yute, which was founded and owned by Scottish migrants Duncan Macomish and Thomas Hanghey- who had a long football background.  After settling in Mexico, both men decided, along with other local factory owners and English migrant Percy C. Clifford: a pioneer in the sport in Mexico City, to establish a local football league in 1886; having the first game played in the old ‘Campo El Yute.  The league would include clubs from the capital in from Providence. This then brought the introduction of Orizaba Athletic Club, who would be founded by Macomish in 1898, which also included practising cricket among other sports in Orizaba.

Orizaba AC became a founder member of the Mexican Football League and would go on to win the first championship title in 1903.

Above: David Macomish.

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